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Author: The Messiah
Date Released: Unknown

Chapter One


What is Brutus?

Brutus is a well known password brute forcing program.

What can I do with it?

With Brutus, you can brute force passwords for HTTP, FTP, POP3, Telnet, SMB (Netbios), Netbus, and they also have a "Custom" option so you can specify your own settings.

Where can I download Brutus?

You can find Brutus at it's webpage

You can also find it at GluTuk's site

Area51 Archives Note: Brutus is also available for download from us: Brutus AET2 (331kb|zip).

Where can I find a good password list to use with Brutus?

Pretty much, the only password list you will ever need was made by CoMÞÛT3R GÈÉk and The_IRS, and has 4.9 million passwords. Here are a link where you can download it.

Area51 Archives Note: None of these links work. You can download the password list from us: Ultimate Password List

Part 1.

Part 2

if those don't work, try this link.

Chapter Two: Let's Get Crackin'

Note: You can use a proxy for each cracking method.


This is the option you would use if you want to crack into a website that has a field for a username and a pass, like this one.

I will use this site for the rest ov this section as well.

First thing you wanna do is open Brutus, and select http form. Then click the modify sequence button. Once there we put the above link into the Target form field, then click Learn Form Settings From here, you click the field name that is for the username, in this case it is userid, once you have selected it, click the username button that is shown above the cookie information. That tells brutus that that field is for the username. Then you select the password field and click the password button, then click accept. Next, in the HTML Response field you need to fill that in with the response you get when you try to enter a password into your site. In this case the response is "You have entered a wrong Password or username." For this target we will put that into the Primary response field Once this is done, we click ok, add the IP into the Target Field and start our crack.


For cracking an FTP server, the default settings should remain how they are, I usually make sure that the "Try to stay connected for unlimited attempts" box is ticked.Thats up to you, once you have selected your options, enter the IP and being the crack.


This is pretty much the same as FTP cracking as far as, the default settings should work for you. Once again, I like to use the "Try to stay connected for unlimited attempts" option.


Seems as if I'm repeating myself, but once again, the default settings should werk for you.

SMB (Netbios)

If you happen to find yourself a target that has the netbios port open (139) and has sharing enabled, but needs a password, this is what you would use. Once again, default settings should werk.


Netbus is a popular trojan that sometimes, you might find a server that needs a password to connect. This option is used for, cracking a password protected Netbus server.


This is what you would use to set up a crack for anything else that you could think ov.You need to find out what you need to put in each field once you click "Define sequence" Those options will vary from target to target.

Chapter Three: Wrapping up.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, death threats, or declarations ov love, you can contact me with the following information.

Email: [email protected]

AOL Instant Messenger: Th3 m3ss14h

Yahoo Messenger: mechanical_messiah87

MSN Messenger: [email protected] (you can also email me there)

ICQ: 166664521

If you choose to host this tutorial on your site, give credit where it's due.

Hope this helps!

The Messiah.


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